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ZILVER is a ready-to-wear brand created by a team that believes in responsibility. Founded by designer and creative director Pedro Lourenço, ZILVER was born of a generation unafraid of change. ZILVER is a mindset. One that starts the conversation. What are we consuming? What are we making? What is our legacy? Solution finding, even when the answer is a long way off. Constantly evolving. Knowing that to Be Better is better than striving for perfection. It is a commitment to improving fashion’s sustainability, sourcing and social responsibility. A call for change. An understanding of our, and the world’s limitations. ZILVER is knowledge. ZILVER empowers its customers with the information they need to make more conscious decisions. And it shares its own successes (and challenges) with the industry to empower others to find solutions.




Paris Showroom: 28 February - 05 March 2019, 10am-8pm daily

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